1913. District of Columbia — traffic Stop & Go signs.

May 1942. Southington, Connecticut.

May 1942. Southington, Connecticut. Girls at drugstore.

Circa 1929. Unidentified women, possibly Elizabeth Duncan dancers.

Bourbon Street and Ursulines Avenue circa 1925. New Orleans organ grinder.

Coney Island, New York, circa 1904.

Circa 1905. South Salina Street, Syracuse, N.Y.

New York circa 1905. In Luna Park, Coney Island.

Washington Tidal Basin Beauty Contest — August 5, 1922. Seventeen-year-old Eva Fridell, takes the loving cup from judge Isaac Gans.

Coney Island circa 1905. Night in Luna Park.

July 1940. Street scene at the fiesta in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Circa 1925. Man building sand castle and two unidentified women. Long Beach, New York.

The Rosebud Garden of Girls, 1868.

Cincinnati circa 1912. Main Street from Fountain Square.

Asbury Park, New Jersey. The North End Hotel on the Ocean Grove side of the boardwalk circa 1914.