April 1961. Sunbathing with the latest swimming pool equipment, including a lounge chair with floating beverage holders and game table attachments.

1923. Washington, D.C. Marathon dancers.

Noontime rest for a full-fledged assembly worker at the Long Beach, Calif., plant of Douglas Aircraft Company. October 1942.

May 25, 1923. Miss Grace Gloria Ahr, chosen to be the modern emulator of Cleopatra in the “Congress of the Seas” during Shrine Week.

The Metropolitan Opera contralto Louise Homer with husband Sidney and their brood circa 1919.

October 23, 1959. Bloomingdale’s, Hackensack, New Jersey.

New York. May 16, 1921. The Metropolitan Opera soprano Yvonne d’Arle and friend.

January 1908. New York.

June 1943. Arlington County, Virginia. Arlington Farms, war duration residence halls. Sunbathers on the sidewalk in the back of Idaho Hall.

Washington, D.C., circa 1918.

Easter Sunday, April 1941. Waiting for the processional at an Episcopal church in South Side Chicago.